Sunday, May 30, 2010

NEW AV-Daily Newsletter - Daily Fun Activity Ideas For Kids!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new daily newsletter, just in time for half term and the long summer vacation!

If your children need something to do and you get stuck for ideas, subscribe to AV-Daily! We’ll send you themed activities each and every day of the week, right to your inbox. We cover three age groups so the whole family can take part, and we’ll suggest everything from imaginary play to crafts, printables to rhymes, clapping games to thinking games! And we've got a full year of emails ready for you...

Never be stuck for activities again!

Instead of searching the net and the library for inspiration, we’ll bring it straight to you. You could set aside a time every day to enjoy our ideas, or print out the emails and keep them in a file for later. If you get your emails on an iPhone or Blackberry, you could by carrying around a huge store of activity ideas at your fingertips!

Who needs AV-Daily?

We think parents, grandparents, teachers, carers, nannies or au pairs could benefit - basically anyone who could do with a little extra inspiration every now and again!
  • Always have something new and fun to do with your kids
  • Look forward to our emails every day
  • Enjoy a new “theme” every 7 days, to develop your children’s interests in new directions
  • Involve the whole family in the fun
  • Encourage your children to enjoy our activities together or alongside each other (great for sibling relationships)
  • Three different age levels covered (2-4 years, 4-7 years and 7+)
  • Be the “go-to” person in your group or family, known for always having something up your sleeve to keep the kids busy!
  • A whole year of daily emails ready for you!
You can’t lose! Subscribe now and, for a limited time only, you’ll receive the first month’s emails completely free! Then, if you decide to keep receiving AV-Daily, we will charge you only £2 per month. That’s about 7p a day! And of course, if at any time you decide you don’t want the emails anymore, you can cancel in a jiffy.

Still not made up your mind? As a thank you for subscribing we’ll send you a pack of 20 of our printable Lunch Box Notes at the end of the first week, completely free, and another pack every 4 week’s thereafter when you stay a subscriber! So you’ll be getting our Lunch Box Jokes, Lunch Box Tongue Twisters, Lunch Box Proverbs, Lunch Box Fun Facts and more! (Even if you don’t do lunch boxes, you’ll find all sorts of uses for these). Our Lunch Box Notes sell for £1.45, so that's almost the cost of the subscription refunded!

The quicker you get started, the quicker you will start getting AV-Daily and the quicker you can start having some fun with your kids! Click the button to subscribe below. Remember, the first month’s emails are free.

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