Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dancing Coloring Pages

Dancing carnival!

Funny Cowboy Coloring Pages

Drink this milk!

Playing Piano Coloring Pages

Let's sing!

Book Worm Coloring Pages

Book worm!

Cute Baby Coloring Pages

Who's face is this?

Alien Coloring Pages

From the outer space!

Nice Family Coloring Pages

You and your family..
Now and ever!

Ornamental Coloring Pages

Choose your favorite coloring page!

Little Mermaid Coloring Pages

Make her dressed!

Coloring Book

Just coloring this page with your pencil color

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Aeroplane Coloring Pages

There's... in the the sky!

Flowers Life Coloring Pages

They grow to make this world green!

Dragon Coloring Pages

What are you learning at Mr. Drago?

Little Doggie Playing..

Where's the wind...?

Custard Kitty Coloring Pages

What a funny animal!
I always love kitten!

Cool Cat Player Coloring Pages

What a great coloring page!
Let's have some fun!

White dongle

You just a fairytale! Not real!

Bratz Doll Coloring Pages

Everyone has their own style in coloring!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Back To School Crafts - Lots NEW!

We have some fun new Back To School crafts, including this cheerful school bus, a back to school countdown poster, and a family bulletin board - perfect for displaying your child's special school work.
Back To School Crafts

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Harmony Coloring Pages

Princess of flowers...

Life in harmony...

Coloring the World!

Beautiful bouquet!

flowers-coloring-pagesA dynamic life...

Tinkerbell and Flower!

I love Tinkerbell!

Hibiscus Flower Coloring Pages

A dot painting...
You must make this coloring page shiny!

Butterfly and Flower Coloring Pages

a beautiful life...

Flower Coloring Pages

Flowers ornamentals...

3 Flowers Bloom

Three flowers bloom at the same time!

Bouquet of Roses

A bouquet of roses...
Mother of flowers...

Little Flower Coloring Pages

Just wanna coloring this beautiful world!

White Noise Creates A Happy Haven For Crying Babies

If you were a baby, you'd cry too. After being thrust into a world full of strange people, strange sights and strange sounds, you'd want to return to the womb; a happy haven where it was warm, cozy, and the sound that lulled you to sleep was a pleasant kind of whooshing. So how do you show you are unsatisfied with your current living arrangement? You cry. And you drive your parents bonkers. What is a parent to do?

Experts believe that you can significantly decrease crying associated with colic and recreate this whooshing noise by playing white noise for your crying baby.

Room Decorations To Print - NEW!

Cute Printable Decorations For Your Nursery Or Child's Bedroom!
Our latest printables are perfect for younger children. We have two "themes" so far - African animals, and pink animals - and more in the pipeline. You'll find mobiles, room signs, door hangers and photo frames, all to print, cut out and assemble, and we are sure you will love Erik's cheerful animals!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fairy Coloring Pages; Resting

Take a rest in the middle of flowers...

Flower Fairy Coloring Pages

You are as tiny as a flower...

In the Jungle

Help that girl!

Teenage fairy coloring pages

Blooming wings...

Moon Fairy Coloring pages

Flying to the moon...

Silly Fairy Coloring Pages

Are you really fairy or ...

Fairy Coloring Pages

You are my favorite coloring pages!

Diary Of A New Mum - Week 18 - Pounds Lost And Gained

Jessica-Ann is fine this week – nothing exciting to report, except that she had her third lot of jabs and screamed the surgery down. Thankfully this time I got Paul to come with me so it wasn’t so bad for me. Terrible for him (he was seriously traumatized by how upset she got), but not so bad for me.

Last week I decided to start a diet. I didn’t tell anyone, didn’t make a big deal about it, just decided to try and cut out some of the crap I’d been eating and maybe do a bit of exercise.

Ha! Fat chance (spot the pun). When I weighed myself this morning, after a whole week of ‘dieting’, I’d actually managed to gain half a pound, not lose it! Not fair...

Diary Of A New Mum - Week 18

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tinkerbell's Glimpse


Tinkerbell Clapsing Hands


A Big Gigle From Tinkerbell

What's the Funny Tink?

Preening Tinkerbell

You are so beautiful!

Resting Tinkerbell

Fiuhh.. What a hard day!