Tuesday, May 4, 2010

68% of families ‘can’t afford’ to spend time together, the average family spend just 49 minutes a day together, and kids reveal what the most important aspect of parenting is to them.

National Family Week, the largest coalition on family matters, commissioned a poll exploring current perceptions of both parents and children and issues facing modern family life in the UK. National Family Week, the largest coalition on family matters surveyed 3000 parents and 1000 children in the UK as part of the build up to National Family Week (31st May to 5th June) with fascinating results.

· New research indicates that children seem to have a better idea of what parenting should be about than their actual parents and highlights the short amount of time families actually spend together.

· The average family spends 49 minutes a day together, barely enough time to share a meal and worryingly, the majority of parents are happy with the amount of time they spend with their family, as are children

· The biggest issue facing parents when it comes to spending quality time is money with 68% citing it as a barrier to spending time with family but kids disagree that time with family has to break the bank with 66% happy to spend time with family at home rather than going out.

· Days out and family holidays were perceived as the best examples of quality time by parents, whilst more cost-effective alternatives like engaging in sports and reading together fell by the wayside.

· Children cite boredom as the hardest thing about spending time with family.

· More than half of parents feel they spend enough time with family.

· Only 14% of parents would introduce more flexible working arrangements if the could

· Only 8% of children want their parents to work less

· What children think are important aspects of parenting differ greatly from what parents think

· Parents are underestimating the important of being a role model to children who place this as the greatest priority

· Boys and girls show huge differences when it comes to expectations of parents

· Facebook more important to children than sport and has a bigger influence over them than school, siblings, celebrities and even their grandparents

· Only 3% of parents think making a healthy meal is one of their important roles

· Children are actually more committed to traditional family values than their parents

· The cliché Mummies boys’ and Daddy’s girls’ still stands true

Backed by all major political parties, National Family Week is the largest coalition on family issues in the UK, with over 180 national and thousands of local organisations on board including charities, councils, sports associations and community groups. The initiative celebrates the diversity of the modern day family, championing the benefits of quality family time and encouraging a healthier and more active approach to family life.

National Family Week and its supporters are encouraging families to improve on the time they spend together. After the huge success of 2009’s inaugural event, National Family Week 2010 is set to be bigger and better. Between 31 May and 6 June, over 5000 events will take place up and down the country run by a huge range of community groups, charities, sports associations, local councils and more. Families will also have access to a huge range of special offers and savings on products, services, days out and more, which should be received well by children as more than half of those surveyed (52%) said they would like to go on more outings with their family.

The summer half term holiday will see the return of activities including the Family Week Picnic, Family Week Film Day, Family Week Story Time, Family Week Games Night and Family Week Sports Day, with fun family features like a Guinness World Record Attempt for the largest three-legged race and a UK exclusive preview of Shrek Forever After one month ahead of its general release locked in for 2010’s Week of family fun. National Family Week 2010 is summer’s ‘must-do’ family event.

Highlights of National Family Week

Monday 31 May
Family Week Picnic – Hundreds of picnics organised throughout the country with eight regional flagship events

Tuesday 1 June
Family Week Film Day in association with Pizza Hut and Vue. Families can enjoy a day out with special offers from Pizza Hut and Vue. 1 June will also feature an exclusive UK-wide one-day-only release of Shrek Forever After, a month before its general release.

Wednesday 2 June
Family Week Story Time – Thousands of story time sessions and activities organised throughout shopping centres, local libraries, 50 WH Smith stores and more. The National Literacy Trust will launch their new campaign aimed at improving family literacy at home.

Saturday 5 June
Family Week Sports Day – National Guinness World Record attempt for the Largest Three-Legged Race in Multiple Locations. Sports Days running across the UK including eight regional flagship events.

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