Thursday, September 3, 2009

Toddler Activities - For Your Kids Growth And Your Sanity

By Jayce Broda

The great thing about having young children is that your perspective can be their perspective. You just have to sell it right. For example, today I took my kids to volunteer at our local humane society. Now even-though they spent most of the time picking up dog poo, all three are pumped to do it again next week. Why you ask? How is that possible? Because to them, it was not a crappy job. It was a chance to show how they could help animals in need. It showed how they could help a dog be adopted, who would otherwise be euthanized. It was a chance for them to show mom and dad how they could do a job all by themselves. By the time we left the dog shelter, our kids felt like heroes. I spent time the day before talking to them about the above points; I sold them a positive perspective on cleaning up dog poo...

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