Thursday, September 3, 2009

Helping Our Children Survive Their School Years

By Nancy Kelsey Smith

With the school year having already started for most and on the verge of starting for many, problems that were "tucked away" during the summer months are now back in full force. Parents often battle mixed emotions as they send their children off to school, happy to have them back on a scheduled routine and sad that they'll see less of them for the next 9 months. First time mothers of kindergartener's are often reluctant to accept that their little ones are now going to be "out into the world", realizing that they are stepping into new territory from which there is no turning back. For others, the end of summer hasn't come soon enough. For the millions of two working parent families, covering the bases for their kids during the summer months is a tough assignment.

But what about the kids? How are they feeling about beginning a new school year?

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