Monday, September 15, 2008

Kid Thinkers - a new series of printables!

Get your kids thinking with our "Kid Thinkers" - our own range of printables which will encourage your children to scratch their heads and do a little critical thinking! They can be used in the classroom or home and adapted to suit the age of your child, although we are aiming them roughly at the 7-8 year old. There will be a new Kid Thinker most weeks - subscribe to our free newsletter to get news of the latest...

Each week we will introduce a new concept, quote, proverb, puzzle or riddle - just something to get your children thinking a little harder than usual! We may provide a poster or another printable, and we will always provide a fun worksheet or notebooking page so that your child can build up a useful collection. Kid Thinkers are also meant to provide you with a starting point for discussion - either at home or in the classroom. We will also provide activity and extension ideas based on the week's Kid Thinker.
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