Monday, September 15, 2008

Diary Of A New Mum - Week 19 - Dads Have Feelings Too

Dads Have Feelings Too

Paul had a bit of a crisis this week. It seems that fathers can also suffer from post-natal depression – this is more common than you might think.

I can’t say I hadn’t noticed that he hadn’t been himself lately. Before we had Jess I would have been on it like a shot, and we’d have talked, I guess, and maybe nipped any really negative feelings in the bud. But with my attention diverted to the helpless little mite who does nothing but feed and poo and sleep, Paul was left to sink or swim on his own. And, in this case, he sank.

Our doctor, thankfully, is very progressive and understanding. He didn’t actually go to the doctors because he was feeling low, he went for something else entirely. But she remembered me (a bad sign – did she think he had good reason to be depressed with a wife like me?), and asked how everything was. Cue good opportunity for Paul to open up and tell someone, at long last, how it has been for him.
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