Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fathers having fun with the kids!

It is all too easy with our busy lives for working parents to slip in to a tendency of seeing children as ‘work’ rather than people to relax and have fun with. With Father’s Day fast approaching perhaps it is time to encourage dads to have fun with the kids. Hopefully you will find some useful ideas below:
- build a den - blankets, pillows, chairs etc.
- read a story by torchlight
- go for a hike (without mum)
- play a game of cards (see here for card games)
- bake a cake!
- simple woodwork - possibly a balsa wood project, or simple hammer and nails
- set up a town / garage / railway using all the cars, trains, lego, wooden bricks and other bits and pieces you can find
- play marbles
- make a treasure hunt
- set up an obstacle course
- put up a tent in the garden - either a real one or a play one using a clothes line and a large blanket
- play catch, football, baseball - basically any sports
- plan and then put on a puppet show (for Mum?)
- build boats from recycled containers and find somewhere to sail them
- make up a story - children especially enjoy ones which feature themselves as characters, albeit doing extraordinary things!
- play a simple game – Simon Says (or perhaps Dad Says) for example (see here for more ideas).

Or perhaps Dad has some activities he enjoys which might be great for sharing with the children. Does he have a favourite TV show/film – maybe from his childhood - which he could share? Maybe he enjoys quizzes (such as those on-line at www.sporcle.com) or chess – do not assume that kids are too young to join in with these things, they may have lots of fun together.

But don't expect too much. If Dad has had a bad week don't expect him to spend all weekend with the kids. Encourage him to spend a couple of quality hours with them and then maybe send him off for a bit of well earned R&R!

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