Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas To All!

A merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of our visitors from Activity Village! We've just added even more Christmas activities to the site, so if you are still looking for inspiration, have a look at the pages below:

Santa's toy shop mixup
New puzzles added...
Christmas puzzles and mazes

Wreath collage
This pretty Christmas wreath is made from torn magazine paper and buttons, and is a perfect Christmas craft for all age of children, from youngest up.
Wreath collage craft

Tissue paper wreath hanging in window
How can something this simple be so pretty? Little children love to rip, scrumple up and stick  tissue paper, and with a result like this you will be hanging the wreath for many years!
Tissue paper wreath

Beaded wreath craft
This beaded wreath craft requires only a few craft cupboard supplies but will hang proudly on your Christmas tree for many years! Suitable for all ages.
Beaded wreath craft

Glitter glue wreath
This glitter glue wreath makes a quick and easy decoration for the Christmas tree which kids can make themselves in all sorts of designs. It catches the light and sparkles very prettily - the photos don't do it justice!
Glitter glue wreath

Sequined wreath on tree
Quick, simple for all ages, and pretty!
Sequined wreath

Snowman game (blue)
Print out our "Make A Snowman Game" for some family fun - it's just like beetle but snowier! Younger children might just like to print, cut and assemble a snowman to display.
Make A Snowman Game

Reindeer food sprinkle
Here's a little something that you can sprinkle on your lawn to make sure that Santa's reindeer pay you a visit! Make some for your family and perhaps for your friends too... (includes printable tag)
Reindeer food sprinkle

3D Christmas snowman and tree - use for display or as Christmas cards Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...


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