Monday, January 12, 2009

Barbie Coloring Pages -- The Simple Things

This set of Barbie coloring pages has Barbie do the regular every day things in style.

First there is a very fashionable Barbie wearing a cool retro outfit (check out the sneakers, and the bell-bottoms) walking on a beach. Her playful pup running after her. Judging by the waves and the clouds it’s not a very warm day. Some gray tones in the background are needed. But the clothes can be more colorful. This pic screams 70s, and in the seventies there was lots of color going around… or so I heard ;)

This coloring page has Barbie walking a dog again. But it seems to be a different dog though. Or the pup has grown up. And the high jeans are much more mid-nineties.

And this is Barbie fulfilling every girls dream – hugging her pony. She’s so lucky.

And this is obviously a pre cell-phone era. Barbie talking on a pay phone… Those were the days, my friends, those where the days…

Stay tuned. There will be lots more Barbie pages for your pencils. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...


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