Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More Free Barbie Coloring Pages

I’m not kidding here. I’ve got so many Barbie Coloring Pages, I don’t even know which ones to start with. She’s so gorgeous on all of them. So I think I’ll just post them randomly.

Here we go.

Free Printable Barbie Coloring Pages. Again. Yeah!

So here I have Barbie with a girl in a stroller (I had no idea she was a mom!):

Barbie sitting on the grass during a nice summer day:

Barbie with her ultra-cool bicycle looking very athletic:

Relaxing on a couch at home in some really cute slippers, a cozy robe and hip pajama pants:

And on this coloring page Barbie is putting on a flowery ornament on her hair:

Print these free pictures and enjoy them. And I’ll be back with more. Really soon. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...


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