Friday, October 13, 2006

More Sudoku for Kids

We are pleased to announced that we have 3 new printable booklets of Sudoku for sale for kids who are hooked on these addictive puzzles! After much consultation with teachers and parents, we have put together a booklet of 60 4x4 puzzles, another of 60 6x6 puzzles, and a third of 60 9x9 puzzles. Each book is graded very carefully so that the first puzzle is the easiest and then the puzzles get progressively - but very gradually - more difficult.

To make photocopying easier, there are 3 puzzles per page. Each page has a fun (black and white) illustration, and solutions to all the puzzles are included at the back of each booklet.

Booklets are in pdf format (like most of the printables at Activity Village) and are available for instant download when payment goes through. Priced at $5.25 or £2.99 per booklet, we know that your kids will enjoy these Sudoku puzzles, which have been created especially for them!

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